Safety Rules In The Workplace…Whiteboard animation safety cartoon video

Workplace Safety – Safety First Rules
Stop Mobile phone use. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited while driving a vehicle or Material Handling Equipment (MHE) to minimize distractions.

Avoid Elevated Loads – Never walk or work under suspended loads elevated by cranes or Material Handling Equipment (MHE).

Fit For Work – Do not report to work, operate a vehicle or any equipment while under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs.

Equipment Maintained – Inspect equipment prior to use. Lockout defective equipment.

Take Five – Take 5 minutes before you begin a task to assess the risks. Control and eliminate the risks while performing the task.

Yes, I am Prepared – Know where to go and what to do during an emergency .
Follow Safety Data Sheets (SDS) guidelines on handling hazardous material/ dangerous goods.

Fall Prevention – No working at height without authorisation. If it is required to work at height, the required fall prevention controls must be put in place.

I am Accountable – Report all incidents, near-misses and unsafe conditions. Never walk by a problem.

Responsible Operations – Operate vehicles and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) at safe speed. Wear seat belt and required Personal Protective Equipment. No passengers on MHE.

Stand In Line of Sight – Be seen and be safe, stand at areas where truck or Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operators can see you.

Traffic & MHE Safety – Chock truck/container wheels before loading or unloading. Lock and secure vehicle or Material Handling Equipment (MHE) when not in active use.

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