restaurant and kitchen hazard spotting cartoon

Restaurant kitchen health and safety hazards – spot the hazards cartoon. Hazards in a restaurant kitchen and restaurant. Numerous health and safety hazards in this restaurant kitchen cartoon. Health and safety cartoon for training purposes – ask your staff how many hazards they can spot? Some of the health and safety hazards include: hanging broken ceiling lights, dirty greasy extractor fans, cobwebs, dirty extractor filter, guy picking his nose, dirty clothes/uniform, pool of water on floor – slip hazard, twisting with heavy item, extremely hot chip/fries fat, workers messing around with knives, caution wet floor sign knocked over, pool of water by overflowing waste bin, rats near food waste, worker with chicken pox, cockroaches, cleaning meat slicer while still switches on, blocked fire exit, fire blanket hanging out of box, changing light bulb while stood on table, pet cat on work surface, knives ill placed on work surface, not paying attention while using meat cleaver, not using safety gloves while chopping meat, meat left out of fridge cross contamination, guy in trainers – not proper foot wear, drunk worker, pan fire near fat dripping from extractor – fire hazard, cross contaminations from meats, not lifting correctly, dirty cloth left near meats, trying to open tin can with knife, scratching backside then not washing hands, bully from senior chef, sneezing on food, slip hazard while carrying very hot soup – scolding hazard, chemicals left on work surfaces, gas ring left on unattended – napkins nearby could cause fire hazard, walk-in fridge temperature is high, mixed meats on shelving, reaching up for heavy tubs, stood on containers, eggs out of date and rotting/dripping, smoking in non smoking area, chemicals stored in restaurant, fire extinguisher not in right place, cables across walk way – trip hazard, customer hand bag with trip hazard, piles of dirty food plates, dirty cutlery on floor, overloaded electrical socket, waiter walking with pile of plates while on mobile/cellphone, customer with foot struck causing trip hazard, loose floor tile trip hazard, waitress in large high heels, cleaning equipment left out and food left on restaurant floor.