Injuries and accidents are no laughing matter for a business

If an injury is so severe it causes an employee to lose income or to suffer lasting damage, a company is likely to face a lawsuit. Prevention is always the best cure but getting the message across to employees in an effective manner can be difficult. Showing employees health and safety videos will generally be treated as a chance to have a break from work as opposed to generating a better and safer working environment.

This is why facing these serious issues with a touch of humour may be the best option for a company. Collectively, your employees can have a laugh at the cartoon, perhaps pointing out times when they were involved with an incident but inwardly, they will realise that they don’t want to be involved in an incident that is depicted in the cartoon. After all, if you make a mistake or cause an accident that is recognised as being quite silly, your reputation will fall and people will no doubt engage in some good-natured banter at your expense.

There are strong business reasons for minimising injuries and dangers at work, but getting the message across regarding health and safety isn’t always easy. It may be that tackling this issue with humour is the solution for your company and this office health and safety cartoon could pay dividends in the long run.

health and safety cartoon of worker in hi-vis workwear at Pearly Gates. Angel at lecturn saying they were expecting him because his bad attitude to safety precedures.