Health and Safety Cartoons Get Serious Messages Across In A Funny Way!

Health and Safety cartoons can save life and limb!

guy in office tripping over trailing wires

As I’m sure you’re aware you need to keep Health and Safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind 24-7. Health and Safety cartoons can illustrate serious messages in a light hearted way. Most organisations primarily use the cartoons as posters, usually on a regular basis. In this way, employees are informed of ongoing safety issues. Consider safety cartoons via emails, training materials, Powerpoint presentations and calendars(They’re in front of them everyday of the year!)

Remember, save one accident and any cartoon you commission will have paid for itself a hundred fold.

Health and Safety Cartoons Get Serious Messages Across In A Funny Way!

Benefits of good health and safety cartoons…

* reduced costs;

* reduced risks;

* lower employee absence rates;

* fewer accidents as employees are made aware of possible accidents;

* increased productivity, because employees are aware, healthier, happier and better motivated.




Hazard spotting cartoon for a car repair workshop

Hazard Spotting Health and safety cartoon – for a car repair workshop. Some of the hazards I was asked to include were: unsafe racking, overloaded racking, fire hazard when welding, twisting body with heavy load, unsecured racking on wall, blocked fire exit, walking-talking on phone, trailing wires trip hazard, listening to music oblivious to what’s going on around him, hazardous chemicals not properly stored, hitting head while under car lift, carrying too much with obscured vision, car with engine running, oil slip hazard, incorrect lifting of car batteries, incorrect lifting of oxygen/gas bottles, smoking, parts left on floor, chemicals in eye, using angle grinder without safety glasses, food left on bench, fire extinguisher not in correct place.

car repair workshop, hazard spotting cartoon, hazards everywhere

Abrasive wheels safety…

Health and safety cartoons…

Getting serious messages across using safety cartoons could reduce the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries, and therefore reduce staff absences

Nearly 50% of all accidents involving abrasive wheels are due to operator error or unsafe system of work. Workers should take precautions to prevent accidents in the use of abrasive wheels, in particular injury resulting from contact with a running wheel or either wheel breakage. There is no substitute for thorough practical training.

worker using angle grinder for trimming his toenails. Very dangerous. Health and safety cartoon.
“OK, you’re using all the correct PPE – but I still think you ought to use toe nail clippers!”

Christmas card design – health and safety cartoon!

It’s not too late to have a bespoke Christmas card design created!

Christmas card design - elves tripping up, hazards

We’re in an age where most companies do not bother to send out cards, but in reality people like to be remembered and appreciated with a hint of humour. Send them something whether a physical card or on email!

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