Personal Protective Equipment – Good + Bad – Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation Personal Protective Equipment – Good+Bad

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Personal Protection Equipment.
The following P.P.E must be worn at all times on site.
Safety helmets – hard hats
Safety footwear – steel toe capped boots
High visibility vests
Appropriate gloves
Short/long sleeved shirts
Long trousers
Eye protection
Any task specific PPE as detailed in RAMS (Risk assessments and Method Statements.)
Not like this guy:(Cartoon of guy smoking, baseball cap on back to front, ordinary vest, shorts and sandals.)

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The reasons for having a safety cartoon mascot

The reasons for having a health and safety cartoon mascot

health and safety cartoon mascot, cartoon character of a bear in hi vis vest and safety boots and hard hat

First of all, mascots are great at getting the people’s attention. Other than this, having a main character to your safety cartoons can eventually cause the people to bond with the character and to be more receptive to the message and the lessons you wanted them to learn. Mascots can also promote  your company colors or your products and hence increase brand awareness. Your safety cartoon mascot needs to be likeable and memorable so it can become a symbol of your brand and your every employee. A well-drawn safety cartoon mascot will seem engaging and it will affect a large audience.