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Warehouse hazard hunter cartoon - Health and safety cartoon. Warehouse hazard spotting cartoon with numerous hazards illustrated.
How many health and safety hazards can you spot in this warehouse? Use this cartoon to train and educate your warehouse staff with this cartoon - health and safety cartoons can save accidents.

I would be happy to edit out hazards you do not require or add others I haven’t illustrated - I want to work with you to get the hazard spotting image exactly right for your health and safety training.

List of hazards in my cartoon:
Chemicals cabinet left open, chemical drum lid not secure, Chemical drum spillage, using compressed on clothing, ear defenders up at noisy site, rubbish attracting rats, over reaching on ladder, ladder on top of unsteady boxes, smoking in non-smoking area, forklift truck hitting racking causing product boxes to fall from racking, unsafe practice of forklift truck lifting rolling ladders to reach out of reach broken lights, stood on containers instead of using rolling ladder, oil drum spillage onto warehouse floor, unsafe box hanging from racking, stood on pail reaching, climbing racking, working using pallets to get extra height on ladder, worker carrying stack on boxes down stairs - can’t see where he is going, worker running down stairs, guy carrying too heavy containers down steps, worker trying to lift large box on his own - should get assistance, worker tripping over box, rolling ladder on it’s side, spillage not cleaned up, worker about to trip on cable, chains left in middle of work area, working texting while walking and about to fall down uncovered manhole, worker has clothing stuck in conveyor, worker twisting while moving boxes from conveyor, leaving an open electrical cabinet unattended, worker reaching under conveyor to fix something while power is still on, garbage/rubbish in paper and cardboard only wheelie bin, wheelie bin left in walk area, worker pulling pallet truck - can’t see where he is going, worker pulling bag out from half way down a stack - stack falling onto him, guy talking on mobile/cell phone about to tread onto nail in broken pallet, extension cable left unwound - dangerous trip hazard, fire extinguisher not in it’s proper holder, fire exit blocked, workers riding on forklift truck, worker not concentrating while cutting box strapping, worker eating on warehouse floor, overflowing trashcan, worker dressed on shorts and sandals, incorrect lifting, forklift truck driver not looking where he is driving - hitting worker, truck in dock hitting worker, truck not using wheel chokes, worker walking while on phone going down steps, worker slipping/tripping on spilt items, worker reading clipboard about to be hit by forklift truck driver who can’r see him, worker setting himself on fire while shrink-wrapping pallet, incorrect lifting of heavy pails, dangerously incorrect stack of pallets, health and safety poster upside-down, wheelchair user blocked in my inappropriate stacked boxes, broken cracked window, carrying too much, broken fire alarm.

File is nearly 22MB in size so please be patient with the download.

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