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Health and safety cartoon based around a quarry. Safety cartoon for construction industry. Some of the hazards illustrated in this cartoon are: Guy climbing on truck putting sheeting on. Guy stood on railings over reaching to paint. Guy stood on the forks of a fork lift truck, he could fall off quite easily. Guy walking while on the phone, not noticed trip hazard wires on the ground. Guys building scaffolding - making a total mess of it. Deep hole not fenced off, someone could fall into it. Guy smoking near flammable liquids. Guy riding a conveyor belt. Guy with stone cutter, not wearing any goggles, he dressed in shorts and sandals, his gloves are on the floor along with his hard hat.
Quarrying is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, since the year 2000 over 3000 workers have suffered an injury and 24 of those being fatal.
This cartoon is A4 sized: 29.7cm wide x 21 cm deep. File size is approx 5mb.
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