Shopping mall hazard hunter cartoon

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Shopping Mall hazard hunter cartoon - spot the hazards in this shopping centre cartoon illustration. Numerous health and safety hazards illustrated in this shopping mall hazards cartoon. Health and safety cartoon for training purposes - ask your workforce how many hazards they can spot?
Here are the hazards starting top left and moving right. Worker over reaching on ladder, also has left wires all over the path as a trip hazard, lady with platform heeled shoes - definite trip hazard, kids slipping on split drink, discarded fire extinguisher, Evacuation Plan on noticeboard is half covered, lift/elevator out of order and girl in wheelchair can't get down to other floor, boxes blocking fire exit, delivery guy can't see where he is going with boxes stacked high blocking his view, guy running and spilling drink, people talking - might get spilt hot drink on them from guy running, person leaning over high balcony waving to friend below, kids running and not looking where they're going, painter guy stood on tins of paint to reach up, splashing paint all over, worker has pallets stacked up trying to reach to drill not safe, cafe chairs all over the floor, guy smoking in non smoking mall, teenagers running down escalator the wrong way for a laugh - old lady in their way could get hurt, chemicals not stored correctly, fire exit blocked, guy walking into clear glass window, woman in wheelchair stuck in cracked floor, guy with stacked shopping trolley can't see where he's going - about to run into mum and child in pushchair/stroller, bench with broken leg, guy about to slip on water puddle from plants, worker pouring water into plant pots not concentrating/talking, kid speeding past old guy on rollerblades knocking him over, waitress spilling hot drink in the direction of child, cleaner's cables a trip hazard, guy on cleaning machine talking on phone and knocking old lady over and mum not paying attention to her daughter pushing stroller.

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