Health and safety cartoon to point out hazards for airline ground staff

Health and safety cartoon to point out hazards for airline ground staff – multiple hazards depicted in a safety cartoon.

Some hazards illustrated are: Guy too close to airplane engine and being sucked in, stair vehicle stabilisers going down on guy’s foot, driver not paying attention, staff member listening to her iPod and hasn’t noticed an oil spill, slip hazard, worker trying to lift heavy case with wrong lifting method, guy smoking, guy being hit on the head by protruding wing mirror, female worker in very high heels, baggage cart has pile of suitcases, chocks not in proper place under vehicle wheels, guy going to get his thumbs caught in luggage cart doors, guy about to trip over cart protruding equipment, should stand clear of stabilisers, slippery surfaces illustrated.

airline ground staff health and safety hazards, picture of aeroplane, staff doing things wrong like smoking, messing around, incorrect lifting, playing football

You can purchase this health and safety cartoon from my sister website:  This cartoon is A3 in size and the file is very big to download so please be patient.

I’m quite happy to make amendments to this cartoon if you feel it would improve the health and safety message. I’m also happy to work with you on creating other health and safety cartoons.

Health and Safety Cartoon to highlight the dangers of over-reaching.

Safety Cartoon – falling hazards – over reaching

Always remember that no matter what profession you are in, workplace safety is of utmost importance. A cartoon health and safety poster can keep embed a serious message into your employees mind.

Safety cartoon created for Birmingham City Council’s health awareness campaign.

falling hazard safety cartoon, woman balancing on office chair that has wheels, she's holding onto light as chair slips from under her as she over reaches

Keep Health and Safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind with Safety Cartoons

Famous Last Words – safety cartoon…

As I’m sure you’re aware you need to keep Health and Safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind 24-7-365. Safety cartoons can illustrate serious messages in a light hearted and engaging way. If you use cartoons on a regular basis this will embed the message into their minds and keep them informed of ongoing safety issues. Consider safety cartoons via emails, training materials, Powerpoint presentations and 12 month calendars(They’re in front of them everyday of the year!)

safety cartoon of two people looking at a signboard which says 'Famous Last Words' with a list of phrases

You can purchase a licence to use the above safety cartoon at: